„Motivated by enthusiasm“

Anne-Marie Flammersfeld is a graduate sports scientist and since 2012 she participates in international competitions in ultra-trail running and stages races. She has won the „Racing the Planet 4 Deserts-Series“ as the first women to run all four deserts in one calendar year.
She runs across deserts, through ice and snow, and from the lowest to the highest point of a country. She masters distances up to 250 kilometres or trails riddled with 8000 meters of altitude in ascent.

Short summary of the key points of the lecture.

If you do something with enthusiasm you are positive and you love what you do. You don`t see it as work you see it as joy.

Good Runs / Bad Runs
Things that I can do well, require less attention: how I can fully utilize my potential for good things, how can I get better?

Resistance and Blockades
To shift limits or to get further on your personal line you have to open your mind for new or old ideas and be flexible. As long as you say: “I cannot do this/that”/ “How is that possible”/ “We have done this (…) since ever- we don`t need a change” you will not discover any new area or postpone your limit to a different point. As more experience you make as more possibilities you get to act.

Mental Training
Internal communication// Positive imagination// Dramatizing// Relaxation Crises and doubt ... Are just as important ... and sharpen the senses: Does it make sense what I do? Where is it taking me? How do I benefit?

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