General terms and conditions

1. General terms

All Mountain Fitness provides scientific sports- and training-related services of different kinds. Services include counselling of the clients as to general questions of health and fitness level, working out of training programmes in different fields, carrying out of training units adapted to the client´s goals agreed upon and the initial, interim and final diagnostics via scientific sports analyses. The personal training cannot be considered as medical therapy.

2. Questionnaire and physical preconditions

The health questionnaire as to your health condition and your goals is obligatory and to be filled out by the client before starting the training. He/she is to answer the questions truthfully and inform All Mountain Fitness in case of change. In case of apparent risks for the client´s health a medical certificate may be demanded. As personal trainer and certified sports scientist I am obliged to professional discretion.

3. Information of the client

In order to perform best possible services we assume that you give us a) truthful, precise, up-to-date and complete information about your person (following: guest data) during the interviews with you and that you b) update your guest data in order to keep them correct, precise, updated and complete. Also we assume that you c) will inform us about presently existing health damages, allergies and other restrictions to your well-being. If one of the above mentioned points should turn out untrue, outdated or imcomplete or if All Mountain Fitness must assume that some information could be untrue, outdated or incomplete, All Mountain Fitness cannot be held liable. If this should lead to additional expenses recompensation is mandatory.

4. Trainings

In the course of training units we will best possibly coach you. Since the medical check-ups will be done by very experienced and qualified experts you can assume that you will not be exposed to unusually high risk. Nevertheless we advise you to get a medical check-up before starting the training, especially if you should re-start sporting activities after a longer break or if you have not had a cardiologic check-up yet. We recommend a cardiac ultrasonic examination and a stress-ECG.

5. Liability and insurance

The client is aware of the fact that physical training may be of residual risk to his health. The conclusion of insurance for this case is up to the client. All Mountain Fitness is not liable for any claims in this respect.

6. Registration and contract

Registration for training can be made verbally or in writing directly to All Mountain Fitness. With registration and signature of the questionnaire the client accepts our terms and conditions.
7. Fees and payment modalities
If you decide for a subscription the sum total is to be paid via bank transfer or cash 10 days after the first training unit. We also offer part payment of the subscription, divided into two amounts. The first payment via bank transfer or cash is to be made 10 days after the first training unit. The second amount is to be paid 30 days after the first training unit. If you decide for individual training units with a personal trainer the fee must be paid on the first training/test day. You will get a receipt for each payment.

8. Cancelling of training units

The client has the right to cancel a booked personal training unit 24 hrs before begin free of charge. Less than 24 hrs earlier a cancellation is not possible free of charge, i.e. even if the client cannot attend he/she is to pay the full fee for this training unit to All Mountain Fitness. Attendance generally can be assigned to another person.

9. Withdrawal in case of illness or accident

If a subscription cannot be filled as a result of illness or accident, the starting date can be postponed or the subscription be assigned to another person. Prerequisite herefore is the presentation of a medical certificate. There will be no reimbursement for training units attended or subscription fees.

10. Place of Jurisdiction

Maloja is the only place of jurisdiction.

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